Speakers Gifts
Upgrade to a VIP ticket to get access to the recording of all the calls
plus over $5,000 of bonuses.
Lauren Cohen
Top Tips to Expand Your Business Globally
THIS valuable ebook outlines the 8 essential elements of successful global expansion
Sherri-Lee Woycik
1000 Likes Game
Never wonder what to post that will get you likes, comments and share again... with this plan you have the foundation of outrageous engagement with your dream prospects on your Facebook page!
Mously Le Blanc
Money Manifesting Guide
If you're a heart centered entrepreneur that is tired of being in overwhelm or frustrated that you're not having the impact you always imagined for yourself. Look no further, here is your guide to get into the energy of manifesting your desires. This guide will walk you through the steps to create a habit of creating the energy of abundance in your life. This guide is what you've been looking for. Get started today and your FREE Abundance Manifestor guide today!
Sam Dossa
Free Emotional Intelligence Assessement
Emotional Intelligence questionnaire assess their answers and provide them with a socore which determines their present Emotional Intelligence status. It's a standard questionnaire gives them a pointer as where they stands at present. EI is a learnable skills so they can start their onward journey. Good Luck. 
Heather Andrews
StoryWriting Strategy call - 30 min 
In this 30 minute strategy call, we begin to unravel your big vision for your book or story idea. 
Elizabeth Pampalone
Absolute Marketing Pro Toolkit
While these companies throw a few dollars my way when you sign up, they also are companies I believe in enough to use myself. I have taken the time to vet each and every one that is listed here. If you see it here, I am using it in my business. Next time you think of affiliate links and cringe, think about all the good this list will do for your schedule, your brain and of course your wallet!
Elisa James 
The Voice of Confidence - How to sound confidence and competent every time you speak (4 Video training series) 
If you want people to listen to you more attentively, you need to learn that the sound of your voice - your tonality, pitch and melody- is far more important than the actual words you speak. In this 4 part video training series, I will show you some simple things you can do to instantly grab people's attention so you can be perceived as confident and competent by your audience. If you need to sound like a leader to get ahead in your career... this is the place to start: By Upskilling your communication!
Michelle Cooper
3 Financial Truths Guidebook
Most business owners today feel overwhelmed and confused when it comes to their business finances. In fact, “Money Problems” is often ranked the #1 source of stress and lack of profitability. Learn how to increase profits, decrease your stress, and keep yourself out of serious trouble with the tax man."
Rodolfo Menjivar
Free Confidence Hypnosis
A Free hypnosis to help boost your confidence. When we are in the midst of changing our beliefs we need all the confidence in the world. It isn't easy to change your life so listen to this hypnosis before heading to bed and feel your confidence boost. 
Kelly Sinclair
Unlock your business brand workbook
A free workbook to help you uncover your unique and authentic business brand that will magnetically attract your dream clients!
Heather Campbell
Legal Basics Bootcamp
"In this FREE Video Training Series, we will be covering information that is essential for modern entrepreneurs building successful businesses:
By participating, you will receive:
- a SIMPLE FRAMEWORK for business protection with each brief video providing specific takeaways;
- specific ACTION STEPS that you can take following each video to make sure you are getting started (this is the bootcamp part!);
- access to ADDITIONAL TOOLS and RESOURCES to assist you on your business building journey;
- training on how to protect personal assets, intellectual property, client relationships, your income and your business;
- by the end, you will have a clear path for getting started on creating your own LEGAL ROADMAP for your business, essential for your success!
Alex Sitch 
Special Free Access to my Virtual Workshop
"Find Your Inner Compass and Blind Spots with Animals" 
by sending me an email here.
Steph Cramm
FREE Access to the Busy Life Kickstart
Feel like you're always "too busy?"

I know there's that you've always wanted, but never felt there was enough time. I want to help you realize that you don't have to be ""Super Mom"" or ""Wonder Woman"" to have a happy and ""balanced"" life. There might be things you desire that you haven't even realized yet! Get ready because this kickstart is going to change your life!"
Brenda Adelman
Put Your Story and Talent on Stage
In this robust video training you'll discover Brenda's proven 7 Steps to Storytelling Success System so you know which story to tell for impact, to get booked and be unforgettable.
Stacy Braiuca
Build your Business Technology Foundations Checklist
When you are ready to get your business out there to the public, you must have a solid technology foundation built. This may either seem like an easy set of tasks or, more likely a daunting gauntlet to run through.
We have created this checklist as a way for you to know what items you need to consider when building that solid technology foundation for bringing in and serving new leads to your business.
Lisa Michaud
100 Day Goal Guide and Workbook 
You know you want to have goals, and you've tried setting them before. But how do you ACTUALLY set them in a meaningful way - and stick to them? Grab the 100-1 Goal Guide and Workbook. 100 days. 1 focused goal. Incredible results. Make goal planning and achieving fun and easy!
Andrea Caprio
Overcome limiting beliefs and reach any goal
A simple exercise and workbook that helps you to overcome limiting beliefs, self sabotage and a negative mindset so you can finally break free and reach your business goals.
Lana Walsh
15 Strategies to Getting Better Sleep.
Are you tired of getting the same old advice on how to get a better night's rest? This free guide provides you alternative suggestions on how to get better rest, whether you have trouble going to sleep or staying asleep, you will find new suggestions, including why they work, in this exclusive guide.
Sid McNairy
Free Consultation
Hop on a fee consultation call with to share where you are on in your life's journey. Get to know Sid and see what is next for you and your future. This is your perfect opportunity to see just what is possible.
Marjorie S Saulson
Communicate with Confidence
10 Powerful Pathways to Overcome Your Public Speaking Fears (even if you have struggled with them for years)
Abigail Sinclaire
Human Network Connection Directory Listing
Both Media Hosts and Guest Experts are listed in the HNC Directory!  
Together we've network of people who all connect, share, and grow together.

Guest Experts are looking for interviews, features, speaker summits, masterclasses, and workshops that Media Hosts are creating.

Collectively we are the Human Network Connection. Come on over and create your free listing!
Kathleen Celmins
Build the base of your content strategy with us
If you're the winner, fill out our contact form and we'll find a time for you to get a 30-minute strategy session so you can map out your first eight videos, with advice for setting up the format.
Adrian Starks
Finding Your Inner Champion Ebook 
This eBook is for the person wanting to make some much needed changes. You are on a different or arduous path and may find yourself in some uncomfortable territories of decision making. Your Champion will need you to step over the challenges by stepping into your courage. You can handle anything. Why else would you be here? Are you willing to claim that personal power and responsibility? It’s your time and you have some winning to do. It’s time to Champion Up, find your Inner Champion and be a Courageous Creator of Change. Life will not change until we learn how to be that change. 
Michelle Abraham
Access to our Podcast Tool Kit
"Learn from the industry's top experts how to
create, launch, market, monetize & manage your podcast.
Are you an entrepreneur ready to monetize your message,
impact millions and change the world? We're here to help."
Alexandra Hogg
Free Facebook Group Audit
Do you struggle with your Facebook group? I am offering a free audit to those who need a professional to review their content, onboarding and offers. 

To get the gift, email AlexandraMarieHogg@gmail.com using Free Facebook Group Audit in subject line
Jessica Derksen
1 Hour of one on one coaching
Get on a complimentary one hour coaching call to dive deep into how you can make yourself and your health a priority, while growing your business.
Larissa Banting
365 Days to Power up Your Publicity
Every day is a day for possible media exposure and our calendar has over over 1000 media opportunities waiting for you!
Marc Mawhinney
Coaches Roadmap For Success
By following this roadmap, your journey as a coach will be more enjoyable and profitable.
Stacey Watts
90 Minute Profitable Impact Summit 1:1 Call
A 90-Minute Intensive with social media coach and content creation strategist Stacey Watts. This is designed to give you clarity and direction on your social media.
Jenna Kelland
Mindfulness Toolkit
Everything you need to go from chaos to calm. These tools will help you practice mindfulness every day in all areas of your life. 
Allison Nelson
Grow & Convert Your FB Group mini course
In this self-study course, you'll find out how to grow, nurture and convert your FB community for your business.
Josh Matthews-Morgan
The Beginner's Guide to Overcoming Limiting Beliefs
Learn the science of how to identify & get rid of limiting beliefs. In this guide, you'll get an introduction to the all-important Emotional Brain and understand how it is keeping you stuck. You'll also learn some simple techniques for getting rid of limiting beliefs quickly. 
Ann Ljungberg
9 steps to certification mastery
A workbook to start planning for your certification program
Justin James
Top 10 Must DO Actions for Hosting a Successful Virtual Events

Deb Cantin
Effective Communication Worksheet
Effective Communication Model & Worksheet
Kim Carson Richards
17 Ways to Get More Clients Mini-Course
In this mini-course, Profitable Impact Academy founders Kim & Kat share 17 strategies they have used to get new clients...that workded!!